Czech glasses for VR are used by the US Air Force

The original business plan of a graduate of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague has become a springboard for extraordinary success in the field of virtual reality. An article on the lidovky.cz server informed about it.

CTU graduate Marek Polčák originally wanted to provide tourists with virtual flights over Prague. However, the virtual reality glasses available on the market did not provide the experience that Polčák would have imagined, so he involved his cybernetic classmates in the development of his own headset. Today, it is at such a level that it was decided to acquire it, among other things, by the US Air Force for the training of its pilots.

Professional world media currently call it the best product on the market, which thanks to the high image quality and wide viewing angle provides the user with a completely authentic experience. “The level of believability is so high that pilots who train with our goggles will not only learn to react technically to situations, but also react emotionally. In critical situations, it can save their lives. During the training, they will believe that they are really in the air, “says Polčák.

The glasses have been on the market for about two years and their use can be very wide. The first orders came from the automotive industry. “In this sector, the demand for virtual reality arose at the end of the 20th century for the development and evaluation of new concepts and designs. Thanks to this, companies are ready to integrate glasses into processes, they have the necessary software and technological equipment, “says Polčák. Virtual glasses can significantly speed up and reduce the cost of prototype production, while their price is around 8000 euros (approximately 200,000 crowns).

Source: The Czech Republic has success abroad with its 3D glasses. They are also bought by the US Air Force