The huge success of the Beat Games studio shows that we are world-class

The gaming industry has been making the Czech Republic a good reputation in the world for a long time. Recently, this was confirmed by the rocket launch of the Beat Saber virtual reality game. The composer Jaroslav Beck speaks in the CzechCrunch Podcast about what stood at the birth of this phenomenon and what fabulous reward he eventually brought to his creators.

“When I saw the first teaser on Beat Saber, which appeared on Facebook, I told myself in the first second that I wanted to play this every day,” recalls Jaroslav Beck, 31, one of the co-authors, of his first encounter with a game in which in virtual reality you cut laser swords into the flying cubes in the rhythm of music.

Everything happened incredibly fast. The Beat Saber went on sale on May 1, 2018, and the game paid for itself in the first few hours. “No one imagined such a success. I said then that we could sell one hundred and fifty thousand copies, and the boys considered me a complete fool, “laughs Beck. Today, that number is approaching two million.

Studio Beat Games, which Beck founded together with Slovak developers Ján Ilavský and Vladimír Hrinčár, caused a real revolution in the game world connected with virtual reality. At the end of last year, it crowned it with the announcement that it was coming under the wings of Facebook or its VR division Oculus, which is one of the pioneers in the world of virtual reality hardware and has been with the Beat Saber practically from the beginning. Officially, the amount for which the company was sold was not disclosed, but there is talk of an amount ranging between hundreds of millions and billions of crowns.

According to Jaroslav Beck, however, the amount is not so important: “It is important that we are at the level of global companies, and in terms of acquisitions, we are at the forefront of the entire gaming industry. There is no longer a barrier between companies here and those in San Francisco. This is a great business card. When I talk about the Czech Republic abroad, people hear about our games. Paradoxically, it is we who do not trust each other and crash. At the same time, we are strong, and what we can do is a huge wealth that other countries cannot just buy. ”

Source: There is a huge talent in the Czech Republic. The success of Beat Saber proved that we are world-class, says Jaroslav Beck in the CzechCrunch Podcast